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I created this blog for the purpose of expressing and sharing thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a Targeted Individual (TI).

I’ve been having TI experiences that PROBABLY started (as I still don’t know) around 1994 when I was about 19 and started expressing the difficulty I had with believing in God. I’m from Detroit and most all of my family is Christian. I didn’t turn completely wild or devoted to another faith, I just started collecting information from different places to see what was out there (i.e. Hebrew Israelite, Egyptology, Nuwaubu, Scientology etc). I, apparently made the mistake of bringing material to work to read at lunch and might have sparked off a small private investigation, of some kind, involving coworkers and, at some point, my family as well (I’m judging, from hindsight, and this may not be accurate).

No one is openly talking to me or even acknowledging what I’m experiencing. They are suggesting I’m developing mental problems or that I may have chemical imbalances in my brain.  Something to that affect.

I think, on a larger scale, it’s a cover for an actual Holy War that they are having with extremist but this is major speculation and most likely doesn’t encompass the full scope of what happens in our world even if it were true

Bottom line is that I am secular and belong to no organizations and I might be catching hell for it because they simply don’t believe me (they probably think I’m harboring some deep seated crimes or future criminal intent) and thats actually understandable, given my curiosity.

I’m less about taking sides and more about solving problems but it gets difficult when the roots of our problems appear to be hidden. That’s a tangent I won’t go on, here.

Along the way, I think I have been subjected to secretive moral tests like racial discrimination checks, petafile traps, homosexuality, extremism of any kind, abortion preference, etc. While I don’t believe I’ve broken the law on any of these, I think they believe I’m too nonchalant on important issues [I could be technically wrong about the “breaking the law” part, given the sly presentation of these tests but I have no interest in petafilia, rape, selling drugs (yes I have tried some), murder, robbery and the likes and it appears that they are accusing me of this stuff].

I’ve just been trying to live, let live and learn about life while they have been fiercely getting into everybody’s business in the name of protecting the country (which is also understandable to an extent) and they probably have a problem with me for that.

As a result (to keep it short) I am possibly under the control of perp handlers (more like a psychological quarantine that I can’t prove, to others, exists) and I may be making matters worse, because I’m starting to speak out (bitting the hand that both feeds and mentally beats the hell out of me).

If you’re not familiar with the phenomenon of Organized Stalking/Mobbing/Harassment of Targeted Individuals please do a google search on it.  It is real and should to be exposed.

Also see my uploaded YouTube videos by clicking the “b9’s Youtube” link under the “Other Sites” section for more information about my experiences.


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  1. I am a TI also, except, I have been experimented on since birth, since I was adopted (sold into slavery) through catholic charities, an agency that was indicted for child-trafficking in another country. I am targeted with DEWs, and EH. I never heard voices before 4 years ago. I am in my 40s, & schizophrenia doesn’t manifest in the 40s as a rule. I am being killed by these evil pieces of garbage. I hope they end up suffering the same things they are doing to us. I have proof of implants at various documents on my wordpress site.

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